What is veg tan?

Paula Kirkwood

What is veg tan?

                                                             What is vegetable tanned leather?

photography and styling by James Oaten and Carine Buchanan

Vegetable tanned leathers are the oldest and most environmentally friendly method of tanning leather.

This age old process has been passed down from generation to generation.

It takes skilled craftsmen using traditional methods around 6-8 weeks to produce stunning leather from raw hides.

The raw hides are slowly lowered into vats or barrels containing tannins. Tannic acid, is a naturally occurring chemical which can be found in such matter as tea, fruit skins and tree bark to name but a few.

Vegetable tanned leather has its own unique natural texture derived from the journey the skin has had. The leather is light sensitive and will darken its shade with age and use.

This in turn leaves you with a stunning patina like an old well worn saddle, a thing of beauty that all leather lovers adore!